Martha Michel

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Believe it or not, there is more to my life than just work.

I love to travel and recently went to Baja.
Go here if you are interested in my work page.

In my free time, I like to play with my big fat cat, Hoover.
Also my cat, Norm, is pretty cool.

Check out my husband's web site to see what he likes to do.


Web Sites of Interest:

Computer News and Stuff:

Slashdot : "News for Nerds"
: A site about tech and culture - check it out!

Wired News



Other Stuff:



4000 Years of Women in Science

Women in Science -



Women in Biology Internet Launch Page



Recently I found out that the programming language, Python rocks. Here are some python links:

Python Home Page
Python Modules

Here's the home page of a book that helped me learn Python.

The Quick Python Book

I am most comfortable programming in SAS, a statistical language:

SAS for Linux: A Linux version of SAS is now available!







Yahoo- Reuters Online News Summary
New York Times is great!
San Francisco Chronicle is good if you live here in SF.
Turn Left: if you are interested in the "Home of Liberalism on the Web"
Salon: Always has something interesting to say


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